A Pathology of Hope, Gordon Gallery, 2019

March 10, 2019
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In ‘A Pathology of Hope’, Yekutieli uses the gallery space to create a large scale index, an encompassing installation composed of found objects, mixed media work and elements from his iconography presented catalogued like artifacts.
These objects are to be seen as relics, an archaeological survey of a non-specific past with each component in the exhibition numbered and assigned a text listed in an adjacent index, receiving an individual narrative and in accumulation, revealing a chronology of sorts.

Yekutieli urges the viewer to engage in a reflection on the notion of Hope, a multifaceted means that is used to cope and work through circumstance, in attempt to form a re-imagined reality.

Due to the structure of the exhibition, it seems that this aforementioned reflection can only be done in hindsight, as an afterthought that reveals the multitude of layers that one situation contains, an accumulation of subjective experiences that in themselves create a reality.

The collection of texts and their correlation to each component of the exhibition serves as a mediator between object and experience and reveals the immaculate scope of the sentimental subtleties of the human condition.