Photo by: Bar Alon

Addam Yekutieli aka Know Hope (b.1986)

Over the past two decades, Addam Yekutieli (pseudonym Know Hope) has developed a visual iconography and language used to mirror real-life situations and observations, and document the notion of a collective human struggle.

In recent years, Yekutieli has began a process of ongoing projects with participants worldwide, with the aim of highlighting the nexus between the personal and the collective, the political and the personal.

Establishing a path that leads the viewers from the public sphere and into the personal (if not the private) experiences of participants, these works allow for an intuitive and empathetic recognition of each other while musing on issues such as the complexities of cross-cultural encounters, borders, and trauma.

Yekutieli’s artworks take place both indoors and outdoors, in the form of site-specific installations, murals and assemblages, combining ready-made materials, mixed media pieces, photographs and text. All of which attempt to express a re-imagination of the larger social and political situations.

The participatory nature of these processes generates a conversation across a wide range of individuals from diverse backgrounds. It offers an aesthetics of ambiguity, asking the viewers to search for intricacies and complexity. It therefore reaffirms the necessity to encourage understanding of our shared reality in a real rather than a merely symbolic way.


Yekutieli lives and works in Tel Aviv.

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