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Recollections – June 2018

Hello all,

A few updates from these tumultuous times-

246 Sides to a Story

I recently completed a piece in Jerusalem titled ‘246 Sides to a Story’.

Located near the Green Line in Jerusalem on the seam of the Talpiot Industrial Zone and Beit Safafa, this abandoned flour factory was caught in the crossfire of the Six Day War in 1967.

Each one of the bullet holes on the surface was numbered and a single line of text was assigned to each of the 246 bullet holes. In accumulation, this index of sort attempts to personify the building, the historical events that took place around it and ongoing conflict that it represents in current day.

The piece was created mid-May 2018, overlapping both with the opening of the re-located American Embassy in a nearby neighbourhood, and the Gaza border protests that took place simultaneously. 62 Palestinian protesters were reported killed by the IDF the day of the completion of the piece.

‘246 Sides to a Story’ was created as part of Walls Festival, produced by Ghostown.

Check out my website  and this write up on Juxtapoz for more images and info.

Emancipation Exhibition

In late April, I spent 10 days living and working in a beautiful convent in the city center of Marseille.

During that time, I worked with artist Cosima Kaye on a site-specific installation titled ‘With their limbs reaching out towards each other, they never had to touch the ground’

Attempting to reflect on the notion of ‘Emancipation’ while mentally piecing together an abstract narrative of all those who lived, worked and worshipped here lies at the core of this piece.

All the wood that composes this installation was sourced on the grounds and essentially put back into the ground, furthering those same ‘abstract narratives’ of those who populated the convent, by creating a correspondence- between folklore and history, belief and vulnerability, community and isolation.

Over the course of a few months, the convent grounds was filled with site-specific installation by an amazing group of artists.

Curated by my dear friend Gaël Lefeuvre, the exhibition opened June 13th and runs until October 13th. More information can be found here.

Photos of completed installation will be up on my website soon, so make sure to check in there in the near future.

​          Process shot by PsyMedia

Wall Installation at the Israel Museum Youth Wing

I’ll be participating in the group exhibition ‘I To Eye’  at the Ruth Youth Wing for Art Education at The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, for which I created a large-scale wall installation.

The exhibition is curated by Shir Yamaguchi. Further information about the exhibition can be found here.


Feature in the Summer issue of Juxtapoz Magazine

I’m happy to be part of the current Summer issue of Juxtapoz, in which I dig deep in conversation with Sasha Bogojev about my ongoing projects and other reflections and thoughts.

The legendary Os Gemeos are on the cover, pick up a copy here!

The second half of the year will be primarily studio-based in preparation of exhibitions and upcoming works, more details on all this soon.

All my very best for now,