Time Capsules The Gambia

October 25, 2015
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With the time capsule project, the primary intentions and hopes were to create a collective time capsule with the people met during the artists stay in the villages, creating common moments-a bottlerocket of some sort.

While documenting the physical and metaphysical place that both the artist and the participants were at the time, the group ‘populated’ miniature cities made of found materials filled with keepsakes, testaments fears and hopes as an individual and as a community, to then bury them and create communal landmarks.
These ‘time capsules’ are not meant to be preserved and last, but given to the tides of time and overlook the idea of ‘preciousness’ and raise questions such as ‘How do we create a memory that belongs to all of us, yet can still be let go and be?’Participants: Ebrima, Buba, Omar, Bujuu and BIG, Galloya Village, The Gambia, June 2011