Truth and Method, Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2015

October 14, 2015
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Truth and Method is firmly based on real human situations, continuing a process of extensive observations of context and appropriation whilst providing greater insight into a reflective practice.

Images of site-specific street pieces form the basis of the exhibition, with a series of poignant, text-based messages creating open-ended narratives reinforced by their context. This initial starting point allows each urban environment to take an active part in the dialogue and determine how the audience may perceive them.

Following this, the same texts were tattooed on volunteer participants, extending the work away from the ethereal nature of outdoor work and instead taking on a more permanent quality. By translating the initial text-based artwork onto active participants the work manifests itself in a new shape with a far more intimate meaning.

Finally, a third body of idiosyncratic illustrations was created, using the original text as a starting point but removing all personal connotations and instead replacing them with imagery from the artists visual vocabulary. The final compositions form a series of carefully constructed triptychs, each pertaining to the original text whilst seamlessly merging various multidisciplinary strands of the project.