Vicariously Speaking

June 17, 2016
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Since early 2016, I’ve been corresponding with incarcerated individuals currently serving sentences on death row in a Nashville prison.

Following this correspondence, fragments of sentences from the inmates’ letters were extracted and placed on a series of billboards around the city.

By taking these phrases out of their original context and placing them in a new one, a newfound presence for the inmates takes place in public space and a dialogue within an interactive environment is created between two separate realities.

This dynamic process allows a reflection on notions such as ones origin and permits an intuitive and empathetic understanding of a commonly complex issue.

Vicariously Speaking is an ongoing project, with more manifestations and stages to reveal themselves in the future.

Thank you to Oz Arts Nashville, RP and of course all those with whom I am corresponding for sharing their time, words and presence with me:

Abu Ali, Akil, Donald, GD, Red, Tyrone and Nikolaus.