Photo by: Bar Alon

Addam Yekutieli aka Know Hope (b.1986)

Over the past decade, Addam Yekutieli (pseudonym Know Hope) has developed a visual iconography and language used to mirror real-life situations and observations, and document the notion of a collective human struggle.

By creating parallels between political situations and emotional conditions, there is an attempt to perceive the political process and dialogue as an emotional mechanism, therefore making it a process that can be understood and participated in intuitively and not solely intellectually.

These processes take place both indoors and outdoors, in the form of site-specific installations, murals and assemblages, combining ready-made materials, mixed media pieces, photographs and text.

By placing these works in public spaces, Know Hope aims to make the separation between the emotional and political non-existent, and allow the viewers to see themselves in the larger context of their surroundings simply by recognizing each other.

Since 2014, Yekutieli has been working on an ongoing project titled ‘Truth and Method’ in which the artist tattoos phrases from his outdoor text-based work on people whom are reached through an open call. In a series of intimate sessions that include an interview, tattooing and later on documentation, the incorporation of these texts into the participants’ personal narratives creates not only a re-contextualization of the text, but also distances the artist form the role of the exclusive author of the image.

In this series the original outdoor work is shown in juxtaposition with the portrait allowing a dialectic process of mutual influence, involving the permanent and the changing, the personal and the collective, the local and the universal.

So far, this project has been conducted in Tel Aviv and NYC and will continue in various cities and communities over the next few years.

Yekutieli has worked and exhibited internationally and has projects and exhibitions scheduled in Tel Aviv, Besançon, and NY throughout 2019.

Yekutieli lives and works in Tel Aviv.

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